Learn 2 Fly 2

Learn To Fly 2 is a flash game about brave penguin who tries in every way to destroy an iceberg. Earlier in the first part of Learn To Fly the penguin read that penguin is one and only bird that can’t fly and got obsessed with an idea to fly. Unfortunately his attempt went wrong, penguin crashed in iceberg and got into hospital. But as soon as he recovered at once he decided its time for revenge! For this purpose the penguin built the model on which he will train.

Play online, free of charge without registration. Learn to fly as far as its possible. On the received points you can buy upgrades and improvements. Help an unfortunate penguin to take revenge!


Learn to fly 2 – How To Play

Tilt with left & right arrow keys (or “A” & “D”)
Space – boost
Or control everything with mouse

Learn To Fly 2 – Goal

Destroy 5 obstacles ahead of you by hitting them.
Payloads incrase your damage.
Earn cash by scoring Distance, Altitude, Speed, Duration and Destruction with each flight.

Challenges are great way to get extra cash.
Collect Bonus Points and spend them in Bonus Shop.
You can earn Bonus Points by earning medals, playing Arcade Mode or completing Story or Classic Mode. 

Learn to fly 2 – Upgrades:

You can upgrade Ramp Length, Ramp Height, Boost Fuel.
Don’t forget to upgrade Sleigh, Gilder, Boost, Payload.

Ramp Length – Increasing ramp length will allow you to gather more speed before taking off.
Ramp Height – Height of the ramp above the ground. More starting altitude will get you better scores and distances.
Fuel – Increasing the amount of fuel for your boosts is a must if you want to glide farther.
Sleigh – Used on the ramp, they increase your initial acceleration and take-of speed.
Gilder – Different devices that change flight behavior (increase speed, control, fall speed…)
Boost – These upgrades allow you to increase your speed after initial take-off.
Payload – Unlike other upgrades payload can actually reduce your flight capability. It increases your iceberg-destroying power though !

Learn To Fly 2 – Secrets 

The Easy Way – Click penguin nose
Give An Inch –   Click your money counter.
He’ll Take A Yard – Click your money counter again.
The Brick – Click on gilders catalog in the shop menu, go to last page and under whirlybird 512 click on free space.
Revenge Of The Brick – On story mode destroy an snowman using the brick.
It’s Rob! – Lose the fuel randomly at high altitude, you’ll be refueled by Rob.
Rise ! –  First you have to buy phoenix feather in bonus shop, When out of fuel, land on your feet, you will get shot back into the sky by the god penguin to rise.
Achievement – Click on medal eight on the medals page.

Learn to Fly 2 - Destroy The Snowman
Learn To fly 2 - Destroy The Snowmound
2 - Destroy The Rocky Hill
Learn To Fly - Destroy The Iceberg
Learnt To fly 2 - Destroy The Wall

Learn To Fly 2 – Screens

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