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3 Slices


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Are you ready to embark on a gravity-defying adventure with a slice of pizza? Look no further than 3 Slices, a game that will test your physics skills and keep you hooked for hours on end. Join me as I take you on a delightful journey through this addictive game.

Slice, Bounce, and Collect Coins!

In 3 Slices, your mission is simple yet captivating: guide a slice of pizza as it bounces across a series of platforms, collecting coins along the way. Your goal? Gather as many coins as possible before the pizza makes contact with the ground.

The controls are intuitive, ensuring a seamless gaming experience:

  • Arrow keys: Move the pizza left and right.
  • Spacebar: Perform a jump.
  • P: Pause the game.

Unlock Power-Ups and Boost Your Pizza!

To spice up the gameplay, 3 Slices offers a range of exciting power-ups that you can unlock using the points earned from collecting coins. Here are some of the power-ups waiting to be discovered:

  • Double jump: Take your pizza to new heights by being able to jump consecutively.
  • Magnet: Attract coins to your pizza, ensuring you don’t miss out on any valuable collectibles.
  • Shield: Shield your pizza from harm, effectively protecting it against obstacles.

Tips and Tricks to Conquer the Challenges

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter increasingly difficult levels, packed with more platforms and obstacles. Fear not, though, for I have some secret strategies to share:

  • Utilize the walls: Bounce off walls to reach higher platforms or avoid treacherous obstacles.
  • Beware of spikes: Keep your pizza away from those menacing spikes to preserve your lives.
  • Harness the power-ups: Strategically use power-ups to collect more coins and navigate safely through the challenges.
  • Persist and prevail: Don’t give up! With practice, you’ll conquer even the toughest levels.

Get Ready for a Slice of Fun!

3 Slices is a captivating physics game that caters to both casual and seasoned gamers. Its simple controls and addictive gameplay make it a must-play for anyone seeking a thrilling adventure. Are you up for the challenge?

Here are some additional tidbits you might find interesting:

  • The brilliant mind behind 3 Slices is developer “Pixelsaurus.”
  • This delightful game was released in April 2022, promising hours of entertainment.
  • You can enjoy 3 Slices for free on various platforms, including Unblocked Games WTF.
  • Critics and players alike have showered 3 Slices with positive reviews, praising its engaging gameplay and addictive nature.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a slice of pizza and dive into the mesmerizing world of 3 Slices. Prepare to be captivated, challenged, and entertained all at once. Play now and experience the thrill for yourself!

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